ICAR - Krishi Vigyan Kendra - Kasaragod

भाकृअनुप - कृषि विज्ञान केंद्र - कासरगोड

ATARI approved OFT/FLD for 2023-24


  1. Assessment of different Amaranthus varieties
  2. Assessment of different HYV of Okra
  3. Assessment of foam mat drying for Mango pulp
  4. Assessment of foam mat drying for vegetable pulp
  5. Assessment of black pepper varieties in Kasaragod district.


  1. Demonstration of drone technology in rice
  2. Demonstration of long duration rice variety
  3. Demonstration of Kalpa Vardhini in coconut
  4. Demonstration of bud rot management in coconut with Trichoderma coir pith cakes.
  5. Demonstration on management of Ganoderma wilt in coconut
  6. Demonstration of integrated management of inflorescence dieback disease in Arecanut
  7. Demonstration of leaf spot disease management in Arecanut
  8. Demonstration of Nauroji Novel organic liquid nutrients in vegetables
  9. Demonstration of water melon hybrid in paddy fallows
  10. Demonstration of open field precision farming in vegetables
  11. Demonstration of mosaic virus resistant HYV of cassava Var. Sree Raksha
  12. Demonstration of solar electric fencing for wildlife intrusion
  13. Demonstration of millet cafeteria
  14. Promotion of bakes coconut chips for medium and small-scale entrepreneurship
  15. High density planting in cashew
  16. Demonstration of chelated mineral mixtures for goats.


  1. Promotion of medium and small-scale entrepreneurship through coconut value addition
  2. Demonstration of value-added products from millets.